Hnrs Bronze BOB Int/Nat'l Ch /

U-CH Trinity's Dragon V Devenshire,

Aragon 2 1/2 years At IABCA Fall Seiger Show taking a Group Two with Junior Handler  Ava Hata.

UPDATE: October 12, 2017

 BOB HNRS Bronze INTERNATIONAL / NATIONAL CH and U-CHAMPION                                                      TRINITY'S DRAGON V DEVENSHIRE, CSAU, CGC

*at stud to approved females

Health information:
                                                                                                                                       (See documentation below: certificates and test results available upon request.)
OFA: Cardio-(as of 3/28/18) ECHO & HOLTER Normal,                                                                     OFA Thyroid-Normal,                                                                                                                              OFA Elbows-Normal, Hips-Good,
 VwD-Clear (by parentage)                      
Low risk for DCM by lineage longevity

Aragon is currently being worked in Ringsport and will test for his BREVET.  He loves bite work and his strength and tenacity have rapidly made him become a force to be reckoned with!  His calm even temperament makes him a pleasure to work.

October 8-9, 2017  Aragon earns his Honors Bronze International Title with a Best-in-Breed and Group 2 win in a field of 9 dogs.  Here he is with his junior handler, Ava Hafa and International Judge (England) Peter Smith.

February 11, 2018 - Aragon earns his first Ringsport title, CSAU, for temperament and obedience


Aragon's first show: 13 month 97 lbs.

Above :  Aragon with 12 year old Junior Handler Ava taking 3 BOB's and earning his National Title at 26 months

Aragon just earned another title!  He is now officially a National Title in addition to his  International and UKC Champion.The nest generation is here!  This is Trinity's Dragon v Devenshire, AKA "ARAGON" above at 26  months old.  Like his parents he is a substantial boy,  weighing in at roughly 92 lbs.  He's very correct with a lovely head, full dentition, beautiful coat, deep rust markings and lovely dark almond shaped eyes.  He's my sweet "Baby Huey" as I affectionately call him.  He is VwD clear by parentage.  He completed  all health testing in late winter.  Banner was bred to Bane (see page) last spring and has been bred to Aragon, health testing done!   Banner was bred in early March of 2017.  Pups due in late April early May.

Below: with "Auntie" Tina at 20 months

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Above 13 months earning his first Championship title
Below Aragon starting his bite work for Ringsport.

Below Aragon CSAU
Aragon video
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Aragon video
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