Above Banner at approximately 2 1/2 years taken April 2014

Immediately below:  pic taken March 2016

 International, National & American Champion DEVENSHIRE'S  STAR SPANGLED BANNER, CSAU
, CGC, WAC,  aka "Banner" is out of  DEVENSHIRE'S PRINCESS LEIA, CGC, NTD, RAE, CDX, UD and RUSSIAN CH. ERIA PRO GRANDMASTER FLASH.  She is one of the next generations of DEVENSHIRE DOBERMANS.
Born July 2, 2011, she is extremely high energy and high drive.  She is training for her Brevet and Ring I.  She trialed  for her CSAU (Ring obedience and temperament test) in January 2013 and completed her UKC Championship title February, 2013.  She has a beautiful head and stop, perfect ear set, is a very balanced, short coupled, elegant bitch. She is pretty much filled out. and has been slow maturing, weighing approximately 72 lbs. at this point.    

Banner has just had all of her health testing completed.  She is VwD Clear (Vet Gen-see certificate below), Penn-Hip in the top 1/3 for tightness (which is very good for breeding and means very low risk for hip dysplasia in generations of offspring), is a clear on her CERF (eye certification), normal for cardio,  as well as normal on her T3 and T4 thyroid panel .  Plans are to breed her to Gable in late April Early May (or possibly sooner) of 2014 with hopes for no later than a July litter!

Here's a link to Banner training for protection at 18 months old and after a lay-off of 3 months!  She's like the Energizer Bunny and can just keep going and going!  She has more drive than any dog I have ever seen.  Below:  Banner training for Brevet Protection and Agility.

For all of her high drive and intense protection work, Banner is the most loveable, sweet natured dog you will ever meet!  Below see some pics of Banner when she went to school as a guest for the AP Biology classes doing projects on designing a new breed of dog!  Nothing daunted her.  She was completely at home, well behaved, calm and relaxed in a lab class full of students;  after the lesson was over she reveled in being surrounded and petted by everyone!
                                                   ACHIEVEMENTS FOR 2013
Banner earned her National and International Championships this spring as well as continued her Ring training.  She earned her WAC title (Working Aptitude Certificate) in October of 2013 and her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) just this December, 2013!  She's been a good girl, Santa!  She deserves lots of goodies!  What amazes everyone who meets her is how very very smart she is (if I'm late with her dinner she tosses her bowl around so that I will hear it and if that doesn't work she comes and barks, usually in front of me, until I pay attention to her!).  At the same time she is such a love bug and such a sweet, sweet girl, confident and outgoing and right at home wherever she goes, great with everyone she meets, nothing "rattles" her, and she is a fierce protector as well.  She truly has the perfect blend for the ideal Dobe temperament.

Banner Training Video Link- 18 months


Banner at almost 7 months old.  She needs one competition win to finish her UKC championship.

Above:Banner with brother

Above:  February 12, 2012.  7 months old.  Banner's first UKC sanctioned conformation shows.  She was pretty much a natural literally only having been worked for show four times for about an hour total! She won 2 BOB's (Best of Breed) and 2 Group Firsts(Guardian Group)  for a total of 70 pts.  She needs 100 pts for her championship.  Plans are to show her in April for IABCA in pursuit of her International Jr. Championship (she will be too young for her Adult Ch.) and then in a June UKC show to complete her UKC Championship.Not bad for one day's haul, huh?  Pics with the judges soon to come!

Update: Banner completed her UKC Championship in February, and in April her International Championship.  She will now return to work on her Ring titles and then her WAC (DPCA Working Aptitude Certificate) for October of this year in Pomona

Above:  Banner 8 months working protection at her first Schutzhund session.

Below:  Video of Banner working protection
Click on the link to see Banner's pedigree on Dobequest

Below:  Banner at 9 months

Banner 12 months

Above and Below:  Banner getting her UKC Championship at 18 months
2013 has been a good year for Banner, despite the fact that she has had an injury which kept her from training for what she truly loves, most, Ringsport!  Regardless, this year she earned two championships (American and International) and 3 working titles:  CGC (Canine Good Citizen, CSAU-(temperament and obedience title for Ringsport) and her WAC (Working Aptitude Certificate from the DPCA:  we are especially proud of the latter, as Banner received this at the DPCA speciality in Pomona where over 50 dogs under went the evaluation test and only 10 passed!  She also earned the top score awarded in protection and received an ovation for her performance at the trial!)  We look forward  to continuing her training for 2014 and are hopeful she and Gable will produce a good size litter in the late spring or early summer of 2014 as well!

Banner earned her CGC as of December 17th, 2013!