Dogs at Home
Top L-DEVENSHIRE'S SKYE SILOUETTE at 9 years, Gable's Grand Dam with her favorite "duckie" (see Longevity Certificate)
Top R-DEVENSHIRE'S CYMBELINE -6 yrs. Gable's Dam  (See Longevity Certificate)
Center Left:  DEVENSHIRE'S CYMBELINE , age 10(Gable's Dam out of  Alfie (DeGa's Alfa Romeo) & Silouette)                                                              
Lower Center L: Cymbeline playing with her favorite ball! (It was Icarus' favorite, too!)       Lower L: Indie and Gable have a "discussion"
Below-Gable (thinks he's a lapdog) and Indigo hog the sofa
Lower R-Talley (dam of DEGA'S ALFA ROMEO V ADLERCREST or "Alfie") (6 mos.) with her "blankie"
Bottom Right:  Storm (puppy) and Jupiter (kitten)
enjoy playtime with their best pal!

Cymbie giving us one of her "grins."  OOOOOH, Cymbie!  I love a dog that smiles!