Harlow aka "Maggie"
Right: Top and Center-Maggie at 4 months enjoying a run at the doggie park on the water at Huntington Beach.  Bottom she retrieves a frisbee.  She is already trained to hand signals for her sit, down, stay and come commands.

December 2009


Maggie: from Indigo and Gable's first litter.  Like most of my buyers, James and Nicole extensively researched breeders before deciding one.

"We have always wanted a Doberman, and when we found Devenshire Dobermans online, we were very happy to see such beautiful Dobermans. The minute we brought our little Dobe puppy home, Maggie, she has fit in with us like a glove. She is so sweet, loyal, and loving. She has such an outgoing personality and she is very playful. Everytime we bring her out for a walk, or on an outing, we get stopped all the time for someone to tell us how beautiful she is and how gorgeous her color is since she is a blue! We have her in training and she has learned so quickly and easily. She is part of our family and we know we will always stay with the Doberman Breed in the future."

Nicole Caillier and James Margolis, 

Huntington Beach, CA

 Maggie is a gorgeous blue and rust.

Above here she is at 5 months with her favorite toy.

Below: June 2011- Maggie and her "sister" Jessie and mom Nicole