Natural Preventatives

Flea & Tick control the Natural & Safe Way

*This info put together thanks to my great Dobe friend and co-breeder, Gail Forrest
These are some other alternatives to that "pesty" flea and tick problem.  Here is what she says.  I agree with this, so I pass it on to you!

"In order to make it a little easier for you to have an alternative to the Frontline & Advantage flea/tick  top spot products I decided to write it all down in one place.  I am TOTALLY against the TOP SPOT products as they can cause liver failure in your dog.   Like many dog owners I looked for all natural flea/tick prevention for my dogs. While I worry about lyme disease, I’m more concerned about the adverse effects that the current vet recommended topical flea/tick treatments can have on my dog's digestive tract, internal organs and overall health, both short and long term. In looking for more all natural products to help with this problem I found several great websites please visit them and read about your alternatives."

You will probably have to use several Of these all natural tick prevention protocols together when looking at the all natural tick prevention products, keep in mind that these products will most likely have to be used in combination with each other in order to provide the most effective prevention. A dietary solution, combined with a topical and an environmental product, provides broad-spectrum protection while avoiding the complications that introducing chemicals (poison) into the dog's system and surroundings can cause.
There are many all natural tick prevention products out on the market and that can also be made at home. The following, while not an exhaustive list, can give you an idea as to what products will work best for you and your dog.

Dietary Tick Preventatives
·    Yeast - Brewer's Yeast comes in tablets and powder, with or without garlic. It's easiest to give Brewer's Yeast in tablet form, 1 tablet for every 10 pounds of weight. Tablets can be added to their food or tossed to the dog as treats. The tablets are chewable and dogs like the taste. The Brewer's Yeast makes the dog's blood acidic and repels both ticks and fleas.

·    Garlic - Garlic given as a dietary supplement makes the dog less appealing to ticks too. The smell is excreted through the skin and repels both ticks and fleas. However, garlic contain sulfoxides and disulfides, which can damage red blood cells and cause anemia in dogs. If you use garlic as your tick prevention, use it sparingly.

*    Apple Cider Vinegar - Apple cider vinegar adds acidity to your dog's blood, making it less appealing to ticks and fleas. Add 2 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar to the dog's water bowl as a preventative. I agree, Gail.  This is the one I routinely use for my dogs and have for years and!  I have never seen even one flea on my dogs or cats!
o    Start out slow with the vinegar and build up to the 2 TBSP

Topical/External Tick Preventatives

·    Herbal flea/tick powder or spray
- There are several herbal flea and tick powders and sprays on the market utilizing various herbal combinations to prevent ticks. Apply these powders sparingly to your dog's coat.
·    Herbal flea/tick collars – There are several herbal flea and tick collars on the market, but you can also make your own at home.

     Homemade Collar Repellent .  Using a web flat collar or rope collar or even a bandana, apply several drops of essential oils (Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Citronella, Lavender or Geranium) to the fabric and allow it to absorb. Reapply the essential oil to the collar weekly.

·    Homemade Repellent Spray.  Get a Quart Spray Bottle.  Add combine in the bottle 2 capfuls of Tea Tree Oil, 1 cap of Citronella at a minimum – I usually also add 1 additional cap of the Eucalyptus, cause I love the smell but fleas & ticks don’t)  Use this spray starting at the head (cover their eyes)  sparingly into your hand and be generous around ears and lightly apply inside the ears, spray all over the body, spray down the midline of the back, the arm pits and to the tip of their tail.  Apply at least once a day and usually prior to spending a lot of time in the yard or under trees.
·    Citrus repellent - Cut a lemon into quarters and put into a pint jar. Cover with boiling water and let steep overnight. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray all over the dog, especially behind the ears, around the head, at the base of the tail and in the arm pits.

Environmental Tick Preventatives

·    Nematodes - Beneficial nematodes are a microscopic, worm-like organism that live in soil. They feed on tick larvae so break their life cycle and kill off the parasite.

·    Diatomaceous earth - Diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic powder consisting of ground fossils, marine life and fresh water organisms. While non-toxic to humans and animals, this powder is lethal to ticks and fleas.
Preventing ticks doesn't need to be a chemical based treatment. There a many all natural methods of prevention so your dog can live a healthy, chemical free life.
Here's something I use routinely

Mosquito / Ant Repellents Hint

Something Gail did not include, but which I like a lot, is Skin So Soft by Avon.  It is a great alternative to harsh chemical products.  You can put it on yourself as well as on your dog!  It keeps away mosquitoes and if you put it around holes in walls, on floors, around the doorway or any place large enough for these little critters to get in, you can keep those pesky ants from crawling in!  I promise it works! It offers really good protection for those worried about heart worm, but also who are worried about the toxicity of the heart worm medication, especially if your bitch is pregnant.