UKC CHAMPION DEVENSHIRE'S LANA TURNER BH,FR CSAU, BREVET  aka Princess Mia      Click on link to see pictures and video of Mia training for Ring Sport

This is UKC CH. DEVENSHIRE'S LANA TURNER BH, FR CSAU, BREVET, below training for Ring Sport.  She passed her Obedience with a nearly perfect score for her CSAU.  She just competed in Arizona and passed her French Ring Brevet, a very difficult entry test which must be passed before a dog can compete for Ring I.  She is only one of less than 20 Dobermans in the US which hold the Brevet title.  She will compete this winter for her French Ring I.  She must pass her Ring I twice under two different judges in order to attain the title. Here's a link to NARA (North American Ring Association) for details on the sport and competitions.  NARA

Mia attained her Schutzhund BH this November and will compete for her Schutzhund I in March 2012.

Titles for Ring Sport

CSAU  Obedience and temperament test
Brevet Entry level test with Obedience and Protection
Ring I   First Level Obedience, Agility and Protection
Ring II Intermediate Level Obedience, Agility and Protection
Ring III Advance Level Obedience, Agility and Protection

Below:  Mia with her trainer/handler, Daryl  Young, taking Group 3 at UKC show and with her owner, Karen, taking breed.

Below:  DEVENSHIRE'S STAR SPANGLED BANNER aka Banner at 18 months training for her Brevet.