MY CONTRACT-see downloadable copy on Home Page
MY CONTRACT-see downloadable copy on Home Page
*Refunds prior to actually taking your pup will be given as follows:  
If pups are born then all but $500 will be refunded as soon as all pups are sold.
Prior to pups being born all but $250 will be refunded upon sale of entire litter.
If Buyer passes on a pup from a litter, they shall receive a refund (minus holding fee) or a pup from the next litter, breeder's discretion.



Doberman Pinschers

"The Complete Doberman "

Bred for Beauty, Intelligence, Health

Temperament & Working Ability

Sales Contract


Devenshire Dobermans

Chatsworth, CA 91311

818-231-2741 (cell)



WHEREAS, Devenshire Dobermans, hereinafter referred to as the "Breeder" agrees to sell to:

Name:                          E-Mail address(s)          


Home/Cell Phone:                                 Work Phone:                             Driver's  License #                                       

Hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer" of a Doberman Pinscher puppy:(

Sire: Am. Nat. & Intl CH. Trinity's Dragon V Devenshire, CGC reg, #_WS49437208

Dam: Am & Intl Ch. Devenshire's Star Spangeled Banner, CGC, WAC, CSAU  reg #:  _WS37993602

whelped on  April 28, 2017 , litter reg. #_WS57014201_hereinafter referred to as the "Doberman."

Sales Price: $ 3,000.00__ Price Consideration w/ Conditional Sale* NO *Actual Sales Price: $3,000.00

FURTHER, This Doberman’s will be registered as: Devenshire’s .                                                                                        
 Microchip #______________

FURTHER, this Doberman is guaranteed by Devenshire Doberman Pinschers as follows:

The Doberman is a purebred Doberman Pinscher.  This dog has no Z factor (white) in its pedigree.

The enclosed pedigree is correct to the best of the breeder's knowledge. The pedigree is out of German /International bloodlines.The litter is registered with the American Kennel Club as indicated above and an individual registration form will be furnished to the buyer after the breeder has received payment in full.

To the best of the breeder's knowledge, this Doberman is free of communicable diseases and birth defects and that at time of sale the Doberman was in excellent health. The Doberman has received appropriate medical inoculations and care. Breeder will provide Buyer with a copy of the puppy’s medical record detailing medical treatment Doberman has received under Breeder’s care and future recommended care Breeder feels is essential to Puppy's well being and continued good health. The Buyer will have timely vet recommended checks for yearly shots, worming, flea & tick treatment and heart worm medication, etc.

Both parents have been OFA or Penn Hip Certified for hip dysplasia, tested for VwD (The pup is guaranteed to be non-affected for VwD.) and tested within the Normal range for thyroid.

 To the best of the Breeder’s knowledge there has been no incidence of Cardiomyopathy, Cancer, Wobblers syndrome, thyroid audoimmune disease, elbow, or hip displaysia or eye problems in the last 5 generations of the Doberman’s pedigree which has caused early disability, death or euthanasia.

No one can 100% guarantee genetics, but the Breeder guarantees that if your Doberman should die prematurely (before the age of 6) from a genetically caused problem, the Breeder will give you another puppy from the next available litter; your only cost will be to cover the cost of cropping and shipping if the puppy cannot be picked up.

The Breeder will be available for the life of this Doberman to answer any questions or provide help in any way.

FURTHER, Buyer is requested to take the Doberman to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after taking possession, for a general health examination by their own veterinarian. If during this health exam the Doberman is found to have a serious health problem, the Buyer must return the Doberman with the Veterinarian’s written certification as to the health problem. Upon return of the Doberman along with the Vet certification, the buyer will receive another Doberman of equal value. Return of the Doberman must be done within the 48 hours of Buyer’s Vet determination.

FURTHER, Breeder will not provide a refund or exchange for any Doberman which was injured or became sick after leaving the Breeder's premises. Buyers are admonished to limit the exposure of their new puppy to other dogs and outside high traffic dog areas until the puppy is at least 16 weeks old and has been given its last booster shot.

FURTHER, Buyer agrees that this Doberman is NOT to be LEFT IN A BACKYARD OR KENNEL unattended. Buyer agrees to provide a fenced back yard for the Doberman, or invisible fencing and not leave the Doberman outside unattended. This Doberman is being sold with the agreement that it is being placed with carefully screened parties and that Buyer AVOWED the Doberman would become a member of the family and reside indoors as a member of their family. This dog will NOT be an outside dog and live out doors!

FURTHER, The Buyer agrees to maintain preventative health care of the Doberman including, but not limited to: annual inoculations, treatment as needed for internal as well as external parasites, and heart worm preventative medication. Buyer is advised that they if they use topical parasite treatments such as Frontline and Advantage, as it may be hazardous to your Doberman’s health. I personally have knowledge of cases where liver failure has occurred within six months of starting to use these products.

FURTHER, Breeder reserves the right to remove and take possession of said Doberman from the Buyer’s premises due to demonstrated neglect or abuse by the Buyer when verified by an officer of Animal Control or the Humane Society for the County of residence or if it keeps the dog outdoors permanently or in extreme heat or cold.

FURTHER, Breeder is selling this Doberman specifically for home pet/companion purposes; this Doberman has been bred to the breed standard physically and for a healthy, sound, loving temperament, which should also be naturally protective of his family and home. This Doberman has also been bred for intelligence and an aptitude to compete and win in obedience, agility ,and other working trials. Owning a dog from this breeding is a big responsibility. Puppies from this breeding will also show a strong aptitude for tracking and protection work, such as in Schutzhund or Ring Sport training.

FURTHER, the Buyer agrees to enter and complete at least two, basic obedience classes with the Doberman and provide proper socialization opportunities for the Doberman.  The buyer will complete a minimum of 2 obedience titles  (temperament tests are not considered titles) by the age of 3 years.  Breeder will give rebates for two following titles:
All AKC titles or any obedience working title, such as a BH or equivalent or UKC  Grand Champonship   ($100 each)

 FURTHER, Buyer understands that puppy may be sold with limited American Kennel Club (AKC) registration. Limited registration precludes Buyer from showing Puppy in conformation breed shows and from registering any litters produced or sired by the Doberman. Limited registration does entitle Buyer to register the Doberman with AKC and attend sanctioned obedience, agility and freestyle events. If the Buyer buys a pup with a limited registration, the Buyer agrees to take all measures necessary to insure that the Doberman is not mated, and does not have the opportunity to sire or deliver a litter or litters. Buyer agrees that The Doberman WILL NOT be spayed or neutered before the age of 24 months. It has been found that neutering or spaying too early is detrimental to the dog's health and development (see article on website).  Early spaying or neutering will void all health and temperament guarantees. Buyer agrees to consult Breeder first and to provide Breeder with proof of spay/neuter within 2 months of such surgery..

 Select picks of Litter will be sold with full registration. The buyer will NOT breed such a pick without full knowledge and agreement of the breeder.  The buyer will NOT breed to any dog with the Z factor.  If so, they will be fined to the legal extent of the law, or $7,500, whichever is greater.

FURTHER, this is a non-transferable contract. Buyer agrees to Breeder demand that Buyer MUST notify the Breeder immediately should the Buyer, for any reason, not be able to keep said Doberman at any point in the Doberman’s life. In such instance, the Doberman will be returned to Breeder to be retained, placed or resold at the Breeder’s discretion.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may the Buyer turn a dog into a shelter.  Neither may the Buyer destroy said Doberman before discussing this decision with the Breeder, except for urgent health reasons (documented by a vet) which would impact the Dobermans quality of life.

THE BUYER will provide the Breeder with a minimum of bi-annual updates and photos of the dog to include any training the dog is undergoing, where the dog is being trained and  trainer’s credentials doing the training.  It is of utmost importance that the dog has the correct training and that the Buyer is consistently following through with good and appropriate choices.  Going to a PetCo or equivalent is not acceptable.

NB:  If the Buyer violates any terms of this contract the Buyer will at minimum owe the Breeder the original (not actual) purchase price of the Doberman.

This Puppy is sold with: Limited Registration:____ Full Registration____:


SPECIAL CONDITIONS PURSUANT TO SALE:  Buyer agrees to put a minimum of a CGC (Canine Good Citizenship)

and one other obedience or working title on the dog named within.  The CGC title is to be attained by the time the dog is

12 months old and the second title by the time is 30 months old.  The buyer agrees to update the seller at least twice a year

with photos and progress of the dog.  It is suggested that you join our Devenshire family on Face Book


These signatures constitute full agreement of both parties and are legal and binding in all jurisdictions.

READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND AGREED, this  _____    day of ____________, 2012.

Breeder:  Deborah Cahill, _______________________________________Devenshire Dobermans 

Buyer:     __________________________________________

                                                             To be completed by the Breeder

1st Payment of_________  Received on _____initialed        2nd payment of_______received on______initialed______

3rd payment of ______received on _____initialed______4th payment of _______received on_______ initialed_______

for the Female/Male - Doberman Puppy, Yarn Color______:

 Final payment due by the time the pup is 7 weeks old and must be cleared before buyer takes receipt of puppy.        



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