This is important information for all dog owners, especially those of us who have large breed, heavy boned dogs.

This is a letter I sent (and send) to my puppy buyers so that they are prepared and know what is going on with their dogs and are not alarmed nor treat the dogs unnecessarily.

I wanted to write a note about PANO as some of our pups (Ranger and Banner) are already starting to show signs of this, so I wanted to give everyone a quick “heads-up” so you wouldn’t worry or spend money unnecessarily on large vet bills.  You may (or may not, not all dogs will show evidence of this) see your pup limp every now and again.  It will likely start with a front leg but alternates legs from time to time.

Panosteitis  is the long form for what breeders call "Pano." Pano is a akin to what we call in humans“growing pains”  which is fairly common in large, big boned dogs. It can show up as young as 3 to 9 months and usually does not occur after a dog is 18 to 24 months. In laymen’s terms, the pain comes at the growth plates when they grow at different rates. When a dog is finished growing there is no longer a conflict with growth plates and therefore there is no more pain.  Pano can show up in one leg and go away only to appear in another at a later date.

Gable went through Pano until he was 2 years old and I know Jedi (Leia’s brother) did as well.  It helps if the dog is not over weight and in fact, your dog may go off his or her food so tend to slim down quite a bit.  The correct weight on a dog is not a number but rather a look. You should see a definition between the rib cage and the loins of your dog. Seeing a few ribs is also not a bad thing. My recommendation at the first signs of pano is to cut the dogs volume of food a bit .   A puppy's weight can change quickly so it requires daily monitoring.   I also restrict the dog’s exercise.  Just use common sense and do not let the dog overdue as it could affect the growth plates.


The Treatment for Pano


Adds the following to the dog’s  two daily meals:

MSN - directions are on the bottle for the size of the dog. We open the capsule and sprinkle the powder on the food.

Herbsmith Comfort Aches - available in a tablet and a powder.

Yucca Intensive - 10 drops in food. This is bitter, so mix it into the food (shake the bottle well).

Vitamin "E"

Vitamin "C" - can also be helpful.

 MSM Capsules

$19.00                  100 Capsules

Helps the body to improve joint stiffness and skin problems. This paired with Yucca Intensive or Glucosamine has been proven effective to reduce chronic pain and arthritic symptoms. Improves the elasticity of the skin and helps improve chronic skin conditions. 

MSM  Herbsmith Comfort Aches

$28.9990 tablets

Herbsmith Comfort Aches speeds healing and resolves pain. Keep a bottle on hand for everyday or occasional soreness. It is great for fast-acting pain relief, reduces swelling and discomfort, naturally speeds the healing process, and quickly returns your dog to full function. 


Comfort Aches  Yucca Intensive

$16.252 fl. oz. bottle

Yucca Intensive is an outstanding, proven safe, all natural supplement. Yucca contains saponins, which are nature’s most powerful anit-inflammatory agents. This product is pure concentrated extract, not powdered waste product (the result of extraction process) as found in capsules or other popular bulk products. Therefore, this product has the highest therapeutic steroidal benefits available! Reduces pain as well as bute and aspirin without gastric side-effects. 

Yucca Intensive

 Vita E 200 I.U.

$20.00100 Softgels

Vita E 200 is 200 IU's of Vitamin E per soft gel. It is a vital antioxidant and tissue healer. Also aids in cellular respiration, detoxification and repair. Bottle contains 100 soft gels. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and anticarcinogen. It helps to protect vitamin C and vitamin A from oxidation. It promotes circulation, healing of wounds, aids in arthritis, helps with normal functioning of the nervous system, improves athletic performance and prevents cell damage and may prevent aging. Give daily in these amounts: 

Vitamin E

  Super C 2000 Powder

$40.0016 oz.

Higher, tasty concentration is easier to feed! Just half a teaspoon equals 2000 mlg of vitamin C. Less powder to mix into food to turn off those finicky eaters! Buffered with calcium bicarbonate for superior, yet cost-effective, assimilation. This staple nutrient has been found to protect and support tissue, such as skin, and connective tissues in the joints of the body. Acidifies urine and may build resistance to allergies. 

Super C 2000  

If you are feeding a raw diet you should reduce the bone content. Don't eliminate it just reduce it.

Within a couple of days Bart improved greatly and within 4 to 5 days it was gone completely and he didn't show any signs again.

Bottom line is I allowed him to get slightly over weight - my bad!

Some years ago the reason I originally started writing about Pano was because I had received a call from a customer whose dog had pano which lasted for some time, disappeared and then had just returned.

These people chose to not follow our instructions. They don't feed a raw diet, their dog was over weight (they sent a photo). They had spent over $350.00 on Vet bills and were concerned. The Vet confirmed pano but had not solved the problem. They has just gone back to the Vet a second time and didn't have the second set of bills yet.

Their Vet confirmed what I said about Pano, the dog was growing too fast. The difference was he prescribed steroid pain killers, Rimadyl, which is very dangerous and stupid!

If your puppy gets pano it's important to take them off of puppy food. You must slow the growth down. Feed an all-natural diet and not commercial food. Commercial food, especially puppy food, causes dogs to grow way too fast (that's what PANO is, growing too fast).

If the pain seems to be extreme pain of this affliction causes people to describe their dogs as being depressed and I am sure they probably are. To deal with the pain the dog should be crated as much as possible and put them on the ingredients listed above.

I do not take my  dogs to a vet for Pano. There is nothing a Vet can do and very few Vets are qualified to even read x-rays to recognize Pano. In the end they almost all recommend steroids, which I feel should never be given for Pano.   A simple baby asprin will suffice.

If you feel like you must see a Vet, you are best advised to take your dog to a vet that specializes in canine orthopedics. Pano can only be diagnosed with x-rays. Reading those x-rays is not a simple matter. Most local vets lack the experience to correctly diagnose pano from an x-ray.

The prescription medication that Vets often prescribe for Pano is Rimadyl. This is a terrible drug and it kills many dogs. DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG RIMADYL!!! "

I agree with the article above. It is totally unnecessary and foolish to spend a fortune on x-rays getting this diagnosed because the vet can tell you that's what it is, especially if the offending leg changes every so often.   There's really nothing they can do.  The dog simply has to out grow it!  I usually don't give anything during the day when the dog is running around because I don't want him or her to overdue if they ignore the pain.  At night, to help them sleep, I will give a baby asprin.  I NEVER give Rimadyl!  Never!  I personally have my dogs on
Missing Link Plus which is great for skin, coat, also helps the joints, etc. and helps promote a long healthy life!