Leia is an amazingly focused and super intelligent dog and she and her owners/handlers have received much recognition in the AKC working dog arena.  She recently completed the third leg of her UD with all three first place wins.  Each time she was the only dog to qualify including out of a field of 16 earlier in October and November.  Leia is always the youngest competitor, usually by 2-3 years, having completed her UD at the age of just under 3 1/2 years!
What's next for Leia?  She now begins work on her UDX and OTCH titles.

Above:  Leia earning her UTILITY DOG title with a first place win and score of 93.

Leia has become somewhat of an international star.  You can see her "Bark and Whisper" video featured below on such sites as ANIMAL PLANET and PURINA.  To date she has over 2 million
hits! Click on the link below to see Leia!  She also appeared on The Discovery Channel this past December in a special event called
"A Year of Pup Culture!"

Leia's Bark and Whisper

Above:  March 26, 2011:  Leia in her long down and long sit for her CD
  Here are 3 training videos of Leia from ages 4 to 5 1/2 months!

Leia at 8 months training
Training 9 month old Leia in Rally on leash.*
*She is ready to begin competing for her UD (Utility) having completed her CDX Jan. 2012 as the first Doberman in 2012 to do so.  Only about 10 Dobes will achieve that distinction in a year ( Companion Dog Extroadinaire). She completed her RAE (Ralley Advanced Extroadinaire) in 10 straight shows, which is unheard of!  The last show she also also took high combined score, taking a first and third place.  Leia is certainly a tough competitor.  See video below of scent training for Utility.  She is also expected to trial for her BH in the near future.

Here's a fun video of Leia
Princess Leia being a drama queen.  Leia performing some of her Novice Trick Dog routine. August 24, 2010
Leia does a show for the kids at school for the Humane Society Food Drive.

Leia "speaking" March 2011

Leia scent training Jan 2, 2012.

Health info on Leia:  VwD carrier not affected, Prelim OFA Elbows excellent, Penn Hip normal (no evidence of DHD), OFA Thyroid normal, OFA cardio normal


Above:  Leia at 21 months.  Below:  Susan taking Leia in for her Rally Advance 3rd leg.

Above:  Leia at 8 months

Above:  Leia at 10 months (left) Bark for Life:  Leia has balloons and lollipops for the kiddies!  Right:  Leia and her brothers, Matthew and Nolan
Above:  March 2011:  Leia at Bakersfield getting ready to complete her Rally Advance title handled by Susan (left) and getting the second leg of her CD with Michael handling (right).  She got it with 2 first place wins for her RA and 3 first place wins for her CD, the last win coming in a field of 17 dogs!  At Chula Vista Leia took two first places wins and one second to complete her Rally Novice title.  She was the youngest competitor by nearly two years and actually completed her 3rd leg for her title one day before turning 11 months! In all competitions she has been the youngest dog by at least 2 years.

Above:  Leia at 8 months (left) and at just under 11 months (right) completing her Rally Novice title

Below:Ranger, Banner with their dam, Leia.

Above:Ranger and Banner almost 7 months old.


Finished her Rally Novice title with a second place (score of 93) and first place (score of 95) at just under 11 months old.  The next youngest dog was over two years old.  MARCH 2011:  LEIA completed her Rally Advance with 2 first places and one second and she completed her Companion Dog title with 3 first places, including finishing first in a field of 17 dogs in Rally Advance A & B!  She is truly a remarkable competitor.  She will continue training for her CDX and Rally Excellent and begin training for her BH (Schutzhund obedience and temperament title) in the late summer, early fall, after her pups are weaned.  Update:  October, 2011, Leia completed the first leg on her Rally Excellent with a score of 98 out of 100 points! December 2011, Leia completes her Rally Excellent title with scores of 94 and 95 and two legs of her CDX, the second leg being the only dog out of 15 to qualify for a 1st place with a score of 191.5!  Palm Springs, CA, January 2012, Leia completes her CDX with a second place win and score of 193.5.  Out of the less than 40 Dobes who will earn their CDX this year, Leia became the first of 2012 and the first in 2013 to get their UD.  At national competitions, she is the youngest dog competing for this title by far.  Leia is in training for her UDX and BH which she expects to earn this year.  July 8, 2012:  Leia for her last leg of her RAE took first place each for the RA and RE competition in a field of 17 dogs.  For her UD she received all first place wins.

In order Top to Bottom:  Leia at 8 months at fun match, 10 months with feline friend, 10 months at Bark for Life event (wearing balloons and a bag full of lollipops for the kids!), 10 months (at hotel at Pomona with her "brothers" after taking 2 legs of her RN), 8 months fun match Best of Breed, and finally at just under 11 months completing her Rally Novice title at Chula Vista.  August 2010, Leia completed her NOVICE TRICK DOG  title.

Leia has substantial bone, weighing about 73 pounds and standing roughly 25 1/2" at the withers.  She is fearless yet gentle.  Leia has begun training for her UDX and BH.

Below:  Leia winning top combined score at the Gardenia AKC  sanctioned show August 11, 2012.  This completed her 8th leg of her RAE title.