Puppy Questionnaire
 Devenshire Doberman Pinschers
"The Complete Doberman"
*Leia / Flash pups ready  late summer of  2011

Puppy Questionnaire


*You may use the downloadable copy (see home page) or
*You may copy and paste document and fax back to me or email me.



1. Name, address, phone, and Email address.


2. Which sex puppy do you prefer, male or female? If you want a male and none is available would you consider a female if it was available and vice versa? Do you have a color preference?


3. What is your experience with dogs? How many have you owned?


4. Why do you want a Doberman?


5. Have you owned a Doberman before? If yes, How many and do you still have them and if not, why not?


6. Have you had any experience taping cropped ears? Explain if so.


7. Do you presently own any other dogs or cats? What kind and what sex? Are they neutered?


8. Have you had any experience training or showing a dog? How much, if any.


9. Are you a member of any dog club or organization? If yes, please list.


10. What would your training/showing goals be with your Devenshire Doberman, if any?


11. Do you intend to breed your dog?


12. How many people are in your household? Please include sex and ages.


13. Who is going to be the alpha dog person in your household; the alpha dog will be in charge of dog training and discipline.


14. Do you own your own homeor live in a gated community? If you live in a gated community or rent, I will need a letter from your landlord / management giving permission for you to have a doberman.


15. Do you have a fenced yard, if not please explain how you intend to ensure the safety of your Doberman when he/she is outside your home for exercise and for potty breaks.


16. Do you work away from home? How many hours a day are you gone from home? Is there anyone who can check on your puppy during the day while you are gone?


17. Your puppy will be crate trained when you receive him, will you continue to crate him in your home? If you are not going to crate your puppy how will you keep him out of trouble while you are not available to supervise him?


18. In what type of outdoor activities do you participate? How active a life style do you have?


19. Where will the puppy stay when you are not at home. Explain.


20. Where will the puppy sleep?


21. How much interaction do you foresee between yourself and your Doberman on a day to day basis?


22. Please provide the name and phone number of your primary vet for a reference.


23. Please provide the name and phone numbers of 2 personal references who know you well, preferably dog owners themselves.



Thank you, for answering these questions. I am very protective of where I place my puppies and your honest answers will help me decide which pup is best for you. For instance, if you are not at all active, but are a home body and your biggest exercise for the day is gardening in the yard, please say so! It will make a difference which pup is best for you. You do not want a high energy, high drive dog if you do not forsee training or providing the dog with a lot of physical exercise because it will drive you crazy and frustrate the dog. My dogs make great family pets but also they can have a high competitive nature which is best cultivated when worked/trained. I recommend making a personal trip to see the pups if that is possible. For those coming from a longer distance and need over night accommodations, there is a very nice Raddison five minutes from my house.

I do ship puppies.  There is an additonal charge for shipping expenses, which includes the air fee, the crate and the health certificate.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Devenshire Dobermans
Chatsworth, CA 91311

818-231-2741 (cell) 818-772-7378 (home/(fax) *please call before faxing


Devenshire's Jean Harlow at 23 days! (and nearly 7 lbs!)

Bottom Right: Ch. Wyndem's Victory Quest at 10 1/2 weeks.