STARWARS litter updates
LITTERMATES:  5 pups born July 20, 2009, 4 males (2 black, 2 blue), 1 female (black)

October, 2009.  Here are some pictures of this outstanding group of pups at approximately 3 months of age.  They have just started their obedience classes.  Already they are becoming "stars" and living up to and exceeding their owners expectations!  PRINCESS LEIA, for example, though the youngest in her class by at least 3 months, beat out 8 other dogs in a little friendly "Simon Says" competiton.  Michael and Susan said if their sons don't want to go to medical school, they're sending Leia!  The intelligence level of these pups is truly amazing. 

left to right:  STAR and Brandon, LEIA and Michael and Susan, LUKE andLeslie & Char, JEDI and Teresa, and HAN with me(missing Bree and Brian) on cropping day.

Below: Left:  DEVENSHIRE'S PRINCESS LEIA at 3 months (34 lbs.) and at 8 months (68 lbs.)

Above:  picture 3:  DEVENSHIRE'S PRINCESS LEIA at 8 months 
Pictures 4 and 5:  DEVENSHIRE'S JEDI WARRIOR at approx. 6 months
Picture 6 and 7: DEVENSHIRE'S HAN SOLO aka "Duke" at 7 1/2 months and DEVENSHIRE'S PRINCESS LEIA at 8 months
Below:  DEVENSHIRE'S LUKE SKYWALKER aka "Lucas" and DEVENSHIRE'S STAR WARS aka "Panzer" at approximately 7 mos.

Above:  Lucas at 10 months