PUPPY OWNER TESTIMONIALS AND UPDATES (see also guestbook remarks)

DEVENSHIRE'S JEAN HARLOW (aka "Maggie")  Her owners biggest complaint is that they cannot go anywhere with her without being stopped because she is so gorgeous!  People in cars even pull over to see her!

(Maggie at 4 months is sitting, staying, down, and come--all with hand signals!)
"We have always wanted a Doberman, and when we found Devenshire Dobermans online, we were very happy to see such beautiful Dobermans. The minute we brought our little puppy Dobe home, Maggie, she has fit in with us like a glove. She is so sweet, loyal, and loving. She has such an outgoing personality and she is very playful. Everytime we bring her out for a walk, or on an outing, we get stopped all the time for someone to tell us how
beautiful she is and how gorgeous her color is since she is a blue! We have her in training and she has learned so quickly and easily. She is part of our family and we know we will always stay with the Doberman Breed in the

Update (at 6 months)

"Maggie loves to play frisbee! She retrieves it really well. It is very hard to wear that girl out! It's amazing how much
energy she has and how she can keep going, and going (like the energizer bunny...). We take her for long walks
almost everyday ( at least 3-5 miles) and bring her frisbee for more exercise and she just loves it. We have been
hiking with her too, and she is so great outdoors.  We start her 2nd round of training classes today, so we will definitely
keep sending you pics and updates."

Update at 11+ months

"Sorry it took so long to get back to you!
Maggie is doing great! She is such a sweetheart.
She will be 1 year old on Jan 5th, crazy!
She is about 79 pounds and full of energy.
We take her for a walk everyday and she LOVES to play frisbee.

And, we are happy to announce we have a baby on the way, so Maggie will be
a big sister!

Hope all is well with you!

James & Nicole"

Nicole Caillier and James Margolis, Huntington Beach, CA

__________________________________________________________________________________________________Hello Deborah,
I purchased one of your dobe puppies back in 1997 when you were in Stafford, VA. My dobe, Devenshire's Macbeth (Maxwell) passed and now that I've found your contact information I wanted to get some pictures to you.

He was the most intelligent dog, very kind and gentle, (he loved and cared for babies) and he was beyond gorgeous (very tall, big chest, 105 lbs and regal even when leaning!) People always complimented us wherever we would go. He was totally obedient, although a little stubborn at times, but performed exceptionally well with his classes at a very early age. He was a loyal companion and protector. I enjoyed having him in my life. I hope one day to convince my husband to purchase one of your dobes again but he's still very heartbroken. They did everything together. Just wanted to share these pics and let you know what joy you brought to us through Max.

Many Regards,
Marsha Davenport
Brandywine, MD
DEVENSHIRE'S HAN SOLO (aka "Duke") 4+ months
Hi Deborah,

We wish you and your family a very happy holiday season!

Duke weighed in at just over 45 pounds this weekend. He has been a bundle of joy and (knock on wood) has not gotten in very much trouble at all even though he is teething. We are training him once a week with a lady in our valley who has a trained working search and rescue German Sheppard. She has been very impressed with how quickly Duke is picking up all the commands and how he responds to Bree as the handler. He has had the basic sit, down and stay commands down for awhile but as we work with Judie the trainer he is being taught to heal around, halt at every cross walk, "pay attention" where he has to look at the handler and not the other dogs etc etc. I am over due to put some new pictures up of Duke but needless to say we believe he is as sharp looking as any male Dobe. We are so grateful we got to know you Indie and Gable and love our boy Duke very much.

We hope to see you after the crazy holiday season comes to an end.

Brian Mancini and Bree Evans
Valencia, CA


From Dr.Susan and Michael Cribbs,  Tehachapi, CA


"Leia attended her second training class last night. (Leia just turned 3 months old) Oct. 2009

The first class was as to be expected, many dogs of all ages, for Leia it was more like a visit to doggy park with all the distractions, Leia being the youngest by at least 3 months. The instructor came to me after class and told me she was surprised at how well Leia did for her first time, that most dogs her age will just shut down in their first class, especially in a class so large. 

Last night was entirely different, there were only 3 other dogs in the class, and as a proud father I would have say she was magnificent. Not only did she pick up a couple new commands within her first try (settle, touch, stay after dropping a treat 2 feet in front of her nose) She healed on leash perfectly, as well as come off leash with other dogs around. After an hour of training the instructor and other owners came up to me and said they couldn't believe how well she was doing, not only because she was is so young and only her second lesson, but the fact that she was obedient for a full hour. She also sits, down, shakes and stays on command as well as sitting and letting the family enter or exit our house before her. 

 We are trying to get in as many classes as possible before the weather prevents us from driving down to Bakersfield, hopefully another month, then we will resume formal training again in the spring up in Tehachapi. I'll try to get some pictures on Thur. in her next class. It's to bad that winter is coming on pretty fast up here, I think I could have gotten her a CGC before we get shut down due to weather, but for now I'll be happy when we have enough lessons to get her Star puppy award.


 LEIA     UPDATE Oct 29, 2009

Leia had another excellent training session last night; unfortunately it was so dark none of the pictures came out well. Susan did the handling last night; at the end of class the instructor did "Simon Says" with the 8 dogs in the class.  She kept giving commands for the handlers until one by one the dogs dropped out and Leia won! Susan was so excited and Leia got a stuffed pumpkin chew toy!


March 24, 2010 Leia at 8 months

Most people are pretty surprised about her age when they see her because she doesn't look like a puppy anymore, that and the fact that she obeys so much better than any dog I've seen of her age and most of the older dogs. But she does give herself away when she gets excited, on occasion she still jumps up and tries to give people a kiss, I think that's been the hardest thing that we've had to work on constantly with her, she has gotten a lot better, she's not knocking the kids down at school anymore :), (I take her everyday to pickup the kids from school ) but she has her moments, I guess it's just her loving temperament. One thing I can say that goes beyond her intelligence is that she has been a true Ambassador to her breed; not only do people comment about her beauty and behavior everywhere we go, but I can't tell you how many people have asked to pet her that have told us they have always been terrified of Dobermans. And of course Leia being Leia loves all the attention.




Hello, just wanted to send you a few pictures of Panzer as of yesterday. He is a very playful puppy and as of yesterday I weighed him at 70 lbs. As far as training he does very well on a leash. Everyday I walk him to the park on leash and on the way back I walk him off leash. I run into all sorts of obstacles (cars passing, kids running by, other dogs etc…) daily that would easily distract any other dog. Off leash he just heals and watches the ongoing children run by and or other dogs. I spend as much time as I possibly can with him in training. Two days ago we ran into another Doberman on the block, she was about the same age as Panzer and the owner seemed to have a tough time with her obeying she was pulling her around and barking at Panzer. The owner was very impressed with Panzer as he stood his ground off leash and looked at me as if he was asking "Dad what is this puppy doing?" haha..and I felt very proud of how well he did compared to the other puppy. Panzer does have his moments where he can be a bit stubborn playing fetch with a tennis ball (which he LOVES by the way) he doesn’t like giving up the ball, its quite comical but then when he wants me to throw it of course he comes up to me and drops it. Yes, there is still more to work on, but as of now I am very impressed with the puppy you have bred for me. He is very healthy and his personality is 1 in a million. I bring him everywhere I go; we are like two peas in a pod. Everywhere I go EVERYONE stares at him I get so many compliments. He loves people and other dogs. I have socialized him with everything just to be safe…he does very well. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I will be sure to keep you updated with more later.


Brandon Rodgers