My Foundation
RED HAWK'S MAN OF PEACE-(Top Left) My foundation dog
Hawk was a tremendous dog;  he was pointed and could have finished if I had pursued it or given him over to a handler.  He was 29" tall and weighed 95 pounds, a very square dog who more resembled the older German dogs.  I think Hawk is one of my guardian angels who continuously watches over me!  (see Longevity certificate.)

DEVENSHIRE'S CARDINAL RULE-(Bottom left-10 months), Top (first litter) and Bottom Right(1 yr.) )call name STAR
She was a HAWK daughter who became my foundation bitch and the best mover I have ever seen;  she produced great working titled dogs and show dogs.  She was such an amazing dog.  She could read my mind and communicated with me just by looking at me.  picture below is Star at 9 months.  She lived a long, wonderful life.  (see Longevity certificate.)

Star's pedigree:  left:  Hawk, sire/  right:  Raven, dam.
She was linebred Elfred dogs behind her.

Below:  Hawk just having fun!  He loved "hanging out" near the horses and often went over the horse jumps down at the stables.


Above: "Dax" a Thor brother, working on his BH
Below:  DEVENSHIRE'S BLACKSTAR, a Star and Derby son.  Sch.1 and AKC pointed.