The Family 3:  THOR

Right:  Thor sits at attention, poised, keeping the helper from moving.  Once the helper moves Thor will do a "bite and hold" to keep him from moving.  He is trained not to bite as long as the man stays still.
Above:  My girls often went to training with me.  Here's Lauren at age 3 off on the sidelines of  the training with her buddy, Thor.

Below: As part of training with the club I also trained to be a helper, which en"tailed" (pun intended!) putting on a bite suit and sleeve!  Here I am working a member's Belgium Shepherd.  I was a founding member of the Omni Hundesport Club, a DVG (all breed) Schutzhund club and also served as club secretary.  As such, I was responsible for working with other clubs as well as our own for sponsoring trials.

DEVENSHIRE'S THOR V THUNDER WAC:  THOR was my first real Schutzhund competition dog in all aspects of tracking, obedience and protection; though circumstances preventing me from competing with him, he was trained well beyond a Schutzhund II level.  He was a substantial dog, around 29" at the withers and weighed in around 96 lbs. He is the sire of Icarus and many other great working dogs.  He was a dark fawn (almost blue) male and one of the toughest competitors you will ever meet.  At the age of 7 months he was ready to take on a full grown man (6'1") to protect my daughter.  Of course, the man was actually her father who was just trying to tickle her--but Thor didn't know that!  All he knew was that my daughter was screaming and he had to protect her.  He got in between them and wouldn't move.  Even at that age he would not be backed down.  He eventually learned that it was just play, but he proved he would protect my girls with his life if necessary.  He was an amazing family dog!
Above:  Thor at  11 months training for protection.