Above Jake with his pup 4 mos old

L-Center Hammer and Hawk with neighbor's little girl

Below-Erin (10 months)being guarded by Hawk and Hammer (Father and son, they would sleep outside her bedroom door at night and wake us if she cried!)
2nd from top: Erin with Star  (12 months old)
3rd from Bottom R-Indigo (with ball) and Mikey


Indie and Mikey play ball.

Below Erin & Baruch

Bottom R-
Leia with her family carrying their backpack on their 10 mile hike
Left  Bottom:
DEVENSHIRE'S MARILYN MONROE (a CYMBELINE daughter) with her boy, Max, and with Max's dad and companion Sampson. 
Don't you just love the way his has his hand on her leg?!
Left: 2nd from bottom:  Max just loves his Monroe!

Below:  DEVENSHIRE'S PRINCESS LEIA with Nolan and Matthew shortly after getting the 2nd leg on her Rally Novice title.

Below:  Three pictures of Lauren with Icarus.  She loved her Icky! 

Second from Bottom Right:  DEVENSHIRE'S JEAN HARLOW, aka Maggie, babysitting Jessie!

Bottom Right:  Jay with Hammer and Hawk.  Both males were intact and lived together their entire lives.  They were never separated.

Above Hammer and Hawk with Jay

2nd from Bottom Left:  Nolan with Leia's pups at 4 weeks
2nd from Bottom Right:  Leia with brothers Matthew and Nolan
Bottom Left:  Leia and Nolan after a big weekend and completing Leia's CDX.
Below:  Lauren (age 7) with me and Icarus (18 months)
Below:  Bob and Jan Mangels (co-owners)with Chaser at one year.
Chaser is being trained by John Soares.

Above top:  Erin & Lauren with pups at 8 weeks
Matthew & Nolan with pups at 4 weeks
Middle:  Angela with Hammer & Hawk
(below) Delany with Star ( 5 weeks)
Lauren and Cymbeline (2 weeks)
Above:  Family Portrait
front:  Lauren, Star, Thor    Back:  Erin & Deborah

Right:  bottom 3 pictures
3rd from bottom:  Deb, Lauren and Icarus
2nd from bottom:  Icarus and Lauren playing after a Virginia snowstorm.
Bottom Right:    Lauren and Icarus ("Mommy, can I move?  Icky is making my leg fall asleep!")  Icky is what she fondly called our boy, Icarus.

Left Below:  My girls usually went with me to training.  The club had a club house complete with hotplate and snacks so we could make hot chocolate in the cold weather!  Here's Lauren with Thor, sire of Icarus, (note the socks and that she dressed herself! lol) and Erin with Shultz (DEVENSHIRE'S DIJADOBE WARRIOR) during Schutzhund training.

Ryder (3 year old grandson of Jan and Bob!) with Chaser (1 year)